1914 Pattern Bayonet Frog and Helve Carrier

The 1914 Pattern equipment set replicated the 1908 pattern sets method of carrying the bayonet and entrenching tools but adapted to suit its manufacture in leather rather than webbing. The basic principle of both sets was to have a bayonet frog with a rear tab that allowed the helve carrier to be attached and worn down the side of the bayonet scabbard: 

The two elements can be separated by undoing the buckle securing the two elements together: 

Starting with the bayonet frog, this leather frog copied many of the principles used in the earlier general service pattern of frog used with the 1903 pattern set. It is made of brown leather with a small tab and buckle that passed over the top of the scabbard stud to hold it into position: 

The edges of the frog are stitched and rivetted for strength, the lower rivets being a modification made to the design in 1915, presumably to strengthen the design based on active service experience. A tab is rivetted to the rear, hanging down below: 

The helve carrier has a pair of loops to hold the entrenching tool handle, the lower a friction fit and the upper with a buckle to secure the helve once inserted: 

The other two loops are used to hold the helve parallel to the bayonet scabbard: 

The buckle at the top attaches to the tab on the rear of the frog: 

The helve carrier remained unaltered throughout its service life.  

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