Tannoy Speaker Units

Many years ago I covered the Tannoy loud speaker control unit here. This control unit was always just a part of a larger system, with individual speaker units at each gun battery linking back to it at the command bunker. Last year, thanks to an old friend, I was finally able to add a set of speakers to the set and it is those we are going to be looking in detail at today. The speakers are housed in wooden boxes and fit together in pairs to make a single grey painted wooden box: 

The designation ‘Telephone, Loud Speaking, No2 Loudspeaker’ is painted on the top of the set. Notice also how each corner has been reinforced for strength. The two speaker have loops to allow a carry strap to be attached and they are secured together with a pair of hooks on each side: 

Undoing these allows the two halves to be separated into the two separate speakers: 

The speakers are in the front of the half-boxes, with a pair of screw connectors in each corner to allow the telephone wires to be attached to run back to the control box: 

The speakers have a microphone built in, with a button on the top to be pressed to signal the control unit: 

The speakers are made by Truvox, and this is stamped into the metal on the front of each speaker: 

The speakers and control unit fit together into two compact wooden boxes for easy transport: 

Opening each out makes for a particularly impressive display: 

All I need now are some artillery batteries to use these with… 

One comment

  1. Batteries as in dry cells (or wet) or batteries as in a backyard full of 25pdrs ?
    One might not annoy the neighbours as much as the other, but the barrels would make good places to string a clothesline 😉

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