1914 Pattern Entrenching tool cover

This week’s item of 1914 pattern leather equipment is the entrenching tool cover. This component is a very close copy of the 1908 pattern design, being a kidney shaped pouch to hold the head of the entrenching tool but made of brown leather: 

The edges of the carrier are secured with a row of stitching and a series of copper rivets at the weak points: 

The top right edge of the carrier is left open to allow the entrenching tool head to be slipped inside: 

To prevent it from falling out, a leather tab is fitted to secure this with a brass stud and a slot in the leather tab: 

The main difference between the two patterns is that the carrier secures to the rest of the set using !” brass tongued buckles rather the 2” tongueless buckles of the 1908 pattern set: 

The fitting instructions recommended wearing it on the right: 

The carrier, intrenching tool, head, should be attached on the right hand side to the loose strap on the pouch, and the loose strap on the pouch, and the loose strap with buckle on the belt, and should be adjusted so as to ride comfortably on the hip. 

In reality, men wore the tool and its cover on either hip or at the waist over the backside- wherever was most comfortable and convenient. 

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