Indian JG 37 Pattern Basic Pouch

Although jungle green Indian webbing is usually very easy to spot due to its distinctive dark green colour, this dye was not very durable and so examples can be found where the colour has very badly faded and it is not immediately obvious that they are part of the late war jungle green set. Today’s example is a basic pouch that has now faded to a dull tan shade: 

Its origins are obvious when we turn to the back and the green colour can be seen on the tabs holding the c-hooks and buckle: 

The green is even more noticeable under the top flap where the dye has not been exposed to the air or water: 

Note that the ballistite loops have been retained right until the end of production as is typical of Indian manufacture. The initials KEF for the Kossipore Equipment Factory can be seen marked in black ink: 

The base of the pouch has three big brass eyelets to drain water, an essential feature for jungle fighting: 

 I will be honest and say I would like a pair of these pouches in a stronger shade of green, but for now this is a good example for the collection. 

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