Greetings from Colchester Postcard

Even today it is common to find seaside postcards that are made up of multiple small images that show a variety of views. This design is not as common amongst military postcards, but today we are looking at a postcard of Colchester camp that has multiple images of different parts of the camp: 

The design features a number of barrack blocks including the Hyderabad Barracks: 

And the Meanee Barracks: 

Both of these buildings still exist today, but are now redeveloped as civilian housing. The Sobaron Barracks were demolished in the 1960s: 

The Goojerat Barracks are the only set of barrack buildings on this card still in use by the army: 

It is currently the home of 156 Provost Company Royal Military Police. The final two images of the card depict aspects of typical camp life including the Church Parade: 

And the miliary hospital: 

This building was demolished in the 1990s. The camp has been in use since Roman times and has been under constant development ever since. This postcard depicts the camp in the early 20th century and captures a moment in time that has now been lost, with few of the buildings still being used by the military now. 

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