Canadian army belts seem to be one of the hardest components of 1937 pattern webbing to track down. Whilst the army examples are scarce, the design was also produced in blue-grey for the RCAF and these would continue being manufactured into the 1950s. These RCAF belts seem to be equally scarce and I have only come across a couple of examples over the years, including the one we are going to take a look at today: 

The belt is clearly unissued as the blue-grey colour is strong and has not washed out, a feature that is often seen with British produced RAF webbing. The quality is also excellent, as is usual with Canadian manufactured webbing items. The belt has a brass hook and loop buckle and brass keepers, both manufactured of good quality metal, without any rough edges seen in some countries’ manufacture: 

The usual buckles on the rear are provided and again everything is exceptionally well made: 

The belt is adjustable using the pockets on the rear and the brass C-hooks on the ends of the belt: 

The belt is marked on the inside with the initials ‘TIL’, the post war Canadian acceptance stamp in the form of a stylised maple leaf and the date of 1958: 

TIL are the initials of Textiles Industry Limited, the name that Zephyr Loom and Textile adopted after the war. This belt is absolutely mint and unissued and I doubt you could improve on this example. It is certainly a scarce piece to find in the UK so I am glad I was able to add it to my collection. 

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  1. I used to use one for a hunting belt, it’s in a box somewhere, carried instant coffee packets, tinfoil, matches and boullion in a cartridge pouch on it, the other pouch ended up attached to a shoulder holster, it held two .45acp ‘full moon’ clips perfectly.
    I should fill a crate with stuff and send it to you before it all gets chucked out shortly after I do 😉

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