1914 Pattern braces

This week’s 1914 Pattern component is the braces. The braces in a set of equipment are used to support the other components of the set and distribute the weight over the shoulders. The braces used in the 1914 pattern set are made of leather and are identical to each other: 

The braces are 1” wide at the ends and flare out to 2” where they pass over the shoulder. A pair of tongued brass buckles are used to secure the pack or haversack to the braces at the shoulder: 

The ends of each strap are punched with holes to allow them to be secured to the buckles on the belt and ammunition pouches: 

The fitting instructions explain how they were to be used: 

The rear end of the braces (i.e., the part where the buckle is attached) should then be secured to the rear buckles on the back of the belt; they should be pulled through the buckle until, in the case of a man of average height, it hangs about 11in lower than the strap with buckle on the back of the belt. Pass the front ends of the braces through the top buckle of the ammunition pouch, and between the V-shaped leather fitting thereon. The braces should be crossed at the back 

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