Indian 50th Anniversary Independence Medal

1997 marked fifty years since India was granted her independence and not unexpectedly a commemorative medal was issued to members of Indian society, mostly those in uniformed roles. The medal was issued to: 

a) Armed Forces (the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and other Reserve Forces, Territorial Army and any other armed forces of the Union), and 

b) All ranks of the Railway Protection Force, Police Forces, personnel of Central Police Organisations including Para-military Forces, Home Guards, Civil Defence Organisation, Fire Services and any other organisation specified by the Government 

The medal was made of cupro nickel and was 35mm in diameter. The obverse of the medal had a depiction of the Red Fort and the words ‘50th Anniversary of Independence 1947-1997’ in English: 

The reverse of the medal had a map of India and the words ‘Golden Jubilee of Independence Medal 1947-1997’ in Hindi: 

The ribbon is a golden colour to mark fifty years with the national colours of saffron, white and green running down the centre. This medal joins the 25th anniversary of independence medal I already had in my collection and since then a 75th anniversary medal has been issued so I will look to add that to the set in due course.

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