.22 H51 Ammunition Box

The H51 ammunition box has appeared on the blog a number of times over the years, with different markings for different contents including 9mm and .303 ammunition. Today we are looking at another example of this box, but marked up for .22 ammunition: 

This ammunition was used for training and the small size meant that a lot of ammunition could be carried in the box, here we can see from the markings that the box originally contained 3000 rounds of .22 rimfire ammunition packaged by Kynoch in March 1963 in Mk 2 cartons: 

The box held five tins, each of 600 rounds and we looked at one of these tins here.  The box also has a standard government explosives mark stencilled in white on the outside: 

These identified the different types of explosives used and they could then be transported accordingly. Ammunition was fairly stable and so did not need such careful handling as something that was more vulnerable to detonating from shock for instance. 

The H51 box is made of thin plywood and so the edges of the box are reinforced with metal strips to prevent damage, the metal strips just being nailed in place: 

This box is unfortunately missing its lid, a not uncommon occurrence, but the markings themselves are rather interesting and seem to be slightly scarcer than the usual 9mm and .303 marked examples. 

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