RAF Sten Pouches

The RAF adopted the Sten gun partway through the Second World War and adopted a set of dedicated pouches to go with it. These pouches were based on the Royal Navy’s Lanchester pouches but cut down to fit the 32 round Sten Magazine rather than the 50 round Lanchester magazines. Indeed, early RAF Sten pouches were cut down from the longer Lanchester pouches before dedicated manufacture started. This pair of pouches were made from scratch as Sten pouches: 

As can be seen, the pouches are not identical and one of them has a small exterior pocket to hold a magazine loading tool: 

The pouches themselves are slightly shallower front to back than standard 1937 pattern pouches: 

Each pouch can hold three magazines, some of the Sten pouches were made with interior dividers, whilst others are just open pouches. This pair conform to the latter pattern: 

Turning to the rear of the pouches we have the standard fixings to allow the pouches to be attached to the 1937 pattern set: 

The design of the fastenings for the belt are slightly different to those used on basic pouches, with the C-hooks on the edges of the pouch rather than the back: 

The pouches are not a matching pair, with definite colour variations between them. One of them is clearly marked as having been made by Allied Cutters in 1942: 

These pouches are much scarcer than standard basic pouches and although reasonably easy to find they do attract a premium on the collectors market.  

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