Canadian Air Cadet Badges

My thanks go to Michel Auger who very kindly sent me the selection of Canadian Air Cadets insignia we are looking at today: 

We have previously covered a fine example of a Canadian Air Cadets tunic here, that example was profusely badged with various insignia and dated from the early 2000s. The insignia today is perhaps a little older but just as fascinating. Firstly, we have an example of the air cadets cap badge, made in staybrite metal and featuring an eagle with outstretched wings surmounted by a maple leaf and with the legend ‘Air Cadets Canada’ beneath: 

This badge has a pair of loops on the rear to allow it to be attached to a cap: 

Next, we have a selection of rank badges, embroidered in silver on blue and dark green cloth: 

The blue was worn on battledress until the Canadians unified their military into a single service and everyone wore green. Canadian Air Cadets wear a semi-circular badge on their shoulders indicating the unit to which they belong, and this example is for the 564, Verdun, group: 

The other badge above was sewn onto uniforms to indicate years of service as a cadet. The final badge is an elaborately embroidered Air Cadets badge that was designed to be sewn to civilian clothing to show an affiliation with the organisation: 

This insignia goes very well with the jacket I already have in my collection and are far from common on this side of the Atlantic so this very generous gift has been greatly appreciated. 


  1. The one I wore in the 60’s was silver later on it became gold then silver again.
    It was the old blue serge with trousers taken in and still hiked up under my armpits 🙂
    Never did like the idea of seeing Air Cadets in green uniforms, glad they changed back to blue after we did in the Reg Force.

  2. When the uniform was changed over from the battle-dress to the safari style green jacket; the latter wasn’t available in my size, at least in my squadron supply. I was actually issued a CF work jacket instead. Good thing too. I really didn’t like the new style uniform.

    • I’d rather have had an Air Cadet jacket than the gawdawful work dress, at least my trade got to wear combats or coveralls most of the time 🙂 We had one guy 6’8″ and 450 lbs, he had to have work dress jackets specially made, they used heavy silver zippers instead of the black ones and it a slightly different cut, his looked a lot better than the rest of them. Of course that wasn’t difficult, ‘work dress’ was quite possibly the least uniform looking uniform I’ve ever seen, the only way they could have been worse would have been if they were pink. It wasn’t so bad if you were allowed to have Sqn patches as some did or wore an ascot, but still not good.

  3. The bird used in the air cadets insignia is I belive is a albatross rather then a eagle or at least that’s what I’ve always been told while in the air cadet program here in Canada

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