1939 Pattern Pistol Ammunition Pouch

Earlier this month we looked at a 1939 Pattern holster, the holster was not, of course, issued on its won and an ammunition pouch was issued to accompany it. Like most other items of the 1939 pattern set, this pouch mirrored the 1937 pattern version, but was produced in leather: 

The pistol ammunition was formed of two parts, the front half of the case being moulded over a block, then rivetted to the rear panel with four rivets down each side and across the bottom. 

 The front moulded leather was splayed out to create these attachment points, resulting in each corner being missing.  

The top flap was cut along the edge and gathered together with a securing rivet to form the shape of the pouch lid. A single brass press stud was fitted to secure the lid.  

The back of the pouch had a pair of vertical belt loops rivetted to it and a vertical tab that allowed the pouch to be buckled to the top of the pistol case with that component’s two-inch buckle. A hole in the rear of this tab allowed the brace to pass behind the tab and belt and hang below ready to attach other components to if required. At some point, possibly in 1940, a simplified version of the 1939 pattern ammunition pouch was introduced that deleted the vertical tab, possibly as an economy measure when it was realised that few troops wore the set with the pistol case and ammunition pouch joined together. It is this version I have, so the back has a simple pair of loops, each secured by a pair of rivets that allow the pouch to be slid onto the belt: 

Note also the difference in colour between the front and rear of this pouch, the front having been dyed dark brown at some point, whilst the rear is in the lighter brown shade the equipment was originally manufactured in. This change to colour is fairly common, suggesting it was an official process at some point in the service life of the pouch. With the holster and binoculars case I already have in my collection, there is just the compass pouch left to track down to have an example of each item of the pistol equipment. 

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