RN PCS Trousers

The Royal Navy’s PCS system of clothing was introduced to replace the old No 4/No 8 Action Working Dress. It was based on the designs used for MTP combat clothing, but in dark blue. We have previously looked at the shirts used in this pattern of clothing, but they were worn with a matching pair of trousers and it is these we are considering today. The trousers are very much combat style trousers, with a baggy cut and a profuse number of pockets: 

The trousers feature a pair of large, angled pockets on the thighs, with top flaps secured by a button: 

Note also the additional material at the crotch to reinforce this area of wear. At the waist we can see a further pair of angled slash pockets and a zip fly. The buttons are used with a pair of cloth tabs to allow a degree of waist adjustment: 

A patch pocket is sewn over the right buttock on the seat of the trousers: 

The trousers are designed to be worn bloused over the boot, so a drawstring is fitted to the bottom of each trouser leg: 

A label inside has sizing and details. The FR lettering indicates that these trousers are fire resistant, an essential element of any uniform worn onboard ship, as the Falklands War proved: 

This uniform is also worn by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and this diagram shows some of the different approved rigs the trousers can be found used with: 

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