SADF Underpants

Like most militaries, the SADF issued its men with official underwear. These were never the most flattering of garments, but were practical and the colour matched the uniforms issued so in the case of South Africa were nutria brown. The pattern adopted was the Y-Front: 

This pattern was not the only one used, here three lads in the SADF squeeze into one pair of boxer type underpants: 

Returning to our set of underwear, these have a label sewn in them showing they were made by Meritex and are a 32” waist: 

It must be said that many soldiers disliked the issue underwear intensely and brought their own civilian pants, as can be seen in this snapshot here of some troops bathing in an ammunition box, the red most definitely not being issue: 

Despite not being hugely popular, the issue Y-fronts are an essential addition to the collection and can sit nicely alongside the issue vest I already have in my collection. 

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