First Pattern 1944 Basic Pouch

Many years ago, we looked at the second pattern of 1944 basic pouch, which was a modified pattern introduced post war with two sets of c-hooks to adjust the height the pouch sat on the belt. The original release only had a single set of c-hooks and today we are looking at a mint unissued example from 1945, which arrived still folded up for transit: 

Folding the pouch out reveals the usual box like shape for a basic pouch, in the case of 1944 pattern webbing this is similar to but larger than the older 1937 pattern set and can hold three Bren magazines rather than the two of the earlier pattern: 

The rear of the pouch has a single pair of C-hooks, quite low down to allow the pouch to sit higher on the chest. Note also the two small loops at the top of the pouch to allow the chest straps of the haversack to be passed through if required: 

The top flap of the pouch can be secured in two positions depending on how full it was, with two sets of metal loops being provided to offer this flexibility: 

The base of the pouch has a single eyelet to allow water to drain out, an essential feature for something that would be used in the jungles of South-East Asia: 

The blue ink markings used in the assembly process for the pouch are still visible on this example as it is unissued- they soon wore off in service but can be seen here including a central mark to ensure that the pieces were lined up accurately before sewing: 

This example is stamped under the top flap with a date of 1945: 

As I have other examples of the 1944 pattern basic pouch, this one is going to remain unused as it is in remarkable condition and it would be a shame to damage something so pristine. 

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