Radio belt pouch

Today we are looking at a PLCE compatible pouch that was produced to hold the Bowman 354 Personal Role Radio. This was a section level radio, replacing the old Clansman 349 and 350 radios. The radio could be worn on the belt and it is for this purpose that this DPM pouch was issued: 

On the rear of the belt are a pair of loops secured with Velcro with a pair of metal tabs underneath that allows the pouch to be attached to the PLCE belt and not slide around: 

A large strap passes over the pouch and secured at the front with a Fastex clip, this being used to hold the radio inside the pouch so it does not bounce out: 

A small pocket is fitted to the side of the pouch, again with a Fastex buckle: 

The inside of the pouch has black padding to offer some protection to the radio from bumps and knocks when it is worn on the belt: 

This black padding is a solid liner that can be slid out of the pouch if required: 

By removing this liner, the pouch’s label with its NSN number can be found: 

As webbing has changed a lot over then lifetime of the Bowman system, this pouch has largely be superseded by new designs that have integrated firstly with the Osprey system and later with Virtus, making this PLCE based design obsolete. The radios themselves have not been released in any numbers on the surplus market yet so unfortunately it might be some time before I can get a radio to go in it. 

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