DPM Arctic Windproof Trousers

There are many different items of DPM clothing to track down for the collector. Whilst the standard uniforms worn by all soldiers are fairly common and easy to find, the more specialist items of clothing are a little harder to find as they were produced in much smaller numbers and are of more interest to collectors than standard pieces. It is also worth noting that if an item was used by a small, ideally elite part of the army, it is instantly seen as an ‘ally’ bit of kit by the regular soldier and is sought after to make him seem a bit cooler and more distinctive than his colleagues. Anything that was used by paratroopers is instantly of more appeal to the collector and squaddie, as is anything that was issued for use in the Arctic. Today we are looking at an example of the arctic windproof trousers which are made of a heavy cotton, with a much finer weave to better keep out the wind in cold climates:

The trousers feature a dressing pocket on the right hip:

And a pair of cargo pockets on each thigh, each with a buttoned top flap and a bellows construction to allow them to take items such as mittens and gloves:

These trousers are fitted with a pair of slash pockets on the hips and these are each secured with Velcro:

The Velcro is at either edge so that the edges can be secured to keep out the wind if hands are being put in the pockets for warmth. The trousers have a pair od adjustment tabs at the hips and a set of buttoned belt loops to allow a belt to be worn:

The bottom of each trouser leg is velcroid to allow them to be opened up to slip over bulky socks or boots if required:

A large label is sewn into the trousers:

These trousers were worn to accompany the smock which we looked at here. Both items of clothing were technically pool clothing and should have been returned after an exercise, but in reality they were often kept by soldiers.

One comment

  1. ‘Wind pants’ were a great bit of kit, they worked as advertised and kept you as warm as a pair of heavier trousers could have. The only problem was they weren’t rated as non-static and frowned upon for flightline use 😦
    We had ‘winter’ combat pants that we rarely saw but I managed to get a couple of pairs.
    They were a much heavier material than the normal ones, completely windproof with rubberized seat and knees so you could sit or kneel on the snow and not get soaked through.
    They made perfect hunting pants and mine logged many an hour in the woods waiting for Bambi to wander by 🙂

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