Canadian Anti-Gas Over Mittens

Most of the items of anti-gas equipment produced in the United Kingdom were also manufactured by the factories in Canada for the Canadian armed forces. Canada was to produce respirators, eyeshields and haversacks. Amongst the equipment produced for the Canadian Army were anti-gas over mittens. These were donned over gas proof gloves to provide them with some protection so they did not get damaged so easily in use, as we discussed here. Today we are looking at a Canadian made pair of these mittens. The design is identical to the British pattern, however the cloth they are made of seems to be of a slightly higher quality and is not as rough, they are also white rather than grey:

The design has a sperate thumb and forefinger and an open ended mitten section for the remaining three fingers:

Adjustment is provided at the wrist by a cloth tape and a white metal buckle, again the quality is noticeably better than British produced examples:

The mittens are marked inside with the manufacturer’s initials, a date of 1942 and the /|\ within a ‘C’ property mark indicating that they were accepted by the Canadian Army:

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