1939 Pattern Leather Braces

I have slowly been collecting up 1939 pattern leather equipment for a number of years and recently I have managed to pick up the last element I needed to turn it from a disparate set of pieces into a wearable set- the braces. These are one of the rarest elements of the set for some reason, so it has been very nice to find a pair in virtually mint condition:

The braces mirror those of the 1937 pattern set, but in leather. They are made from a single piece of leather, with a gentle curve transitioning the strap from the 2” to 1” wide sections, rather than the more abrupt transition of the webbing versions:

One of the two straps has a loop rivetted to it to allow the two straps to cross over without moving, however unlike the 19376 pattern set where the loop was on the rear face of the strap, on the 1939 set its on the front face:

The braces could be found in two lengths, ‘short’ and ‘long’ and one of the braces is stamped ‘S’ on the back to indicate its size:

The other strap is stamped with the manufacturer’s initials and the date of 1941:

This pair of braces has thus allowed me to put together this set of equipment now:

Use of the 1939 pattern set was limited and photographs of it in service are limited, here can be seen a member of the Royal Artillery wearing the set and the leather braces are clearly visible:

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