RAF Shoulder Straps

The shoulder or L straps used with the 1937 pattern RAF webbing were identical to those issued for the standard khaki pattern of webbing, but in the RAF’s distinctive blue-grey colour of pre-dyed webbing to match the rest of their webbing sets:

There were a number of different manufacturing variants for the shoulder straps, including wrap around and butt jointed designs for the transition from 1” to 2” sections. These examples however use reduction weaving as they were produced by the Mills Equipment Company who had the specialist looms to allow this sort of manufacture:

The straps attached to the pack and haversack using 2” brass gate buckles that were attached to the broader portion of the strap and the tab was passed through above the shoulder strap to make a secure, but adjustable fastening:

The straps are clearly marked in black ink with the date of 1941 and the crown and AM marking of the Air Ministry who were the administrative office in charge of the RAF at this point in time. It is marked MECo for the Mills Equipment Company:

If you want to learn more about 1937 Pattern Webbing, check out my new book on the equipment set that can be found here.

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