1944 Pattern Pistol Case

I have had a set of infantryman’s 1944 Pattern webbing for many years, however earlier this year I had the opportunity to pick up some of the items needed to complete a set of pistol equipment. An obvious component of the pistol equipment is the pistol case itself to carry a revolver in.

The 1944 Pattern fitting instructions gives the official description of this item:

This is made to accommodate the present Service revolver.

The body is woven in one piece and is lined with smooth webbing; the flap is closed with a quick-release fastener.

Two double hooks are provided on the back for attachment to the ammunition pouch when that article is to be carried above the pistol case, or to serve as an alternative method of attachment to the waistbelt.

Not mentioned in the official description, the base of the pistol case has a small grommet fitted to allow water to drain out in the likely event of the holster getting submerged in water whilst operating in the jungle:

A number of manufacturers produced the pistol case, in this case Michael Wright & Sons in 1945:

The pistol case was based on the tried and true pattern introduced as far back as 1919 as part of the naval webbing set, just updated to the lighter weight webbing of the 1944 pattern set and with the new fastener for the top-flap in place of the traditional press stud. It would continue to see service in the jungles of the far east until the withdrawal of revolvers in the 1960s when it would be replaced by the 1958 pattern holster for the Browning Hi-Power.

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