Canadian 37 Pattern Binoculars Case

Whilst very similar to British made webbing, many items of 1937 webbing displayed subtle differences to those manufactured back in England. Amongst these subtly different pieces were the binoculars case which we are looking at today:

The front face of the Canadian case has edges that are more curved than those on British made examples, the curvature being particularly obvious when viewed from above:

The rest of the case follows typical British practice, and indeed modifications. The cases were originally made without side buckles, these were then introduced and initially retrofitted to existing cases with metal rivets as on this example:

Later the rivet would be replaced with traditional stitching. Wire C-hooks are fitted to the rear to allow the case to be attached to the belt and a compass pouch:

Two manufacturers produced the majority of webbing in Canada and this example is produced by the Montreal Suspender and Umbrella Ltd, with their initials stamped under the top flap:

My collection of Canadian webbing has increased substantially over the last year, however I still have a few pieces to find to complete a set of officer’s equipment. Hopefully I will be able to track them down soon and bring you a completed set in the coming years.

If you want to learn more about 1937 Pattern Webbing, check out my new book on the equipment set that can be found here.

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