Dark Blue Mk6 Helmet Cover

There are a wide variety of different covers available for the Mk 6 helmet. The camouflaged covers in DPM, DDPM and MTP are the most common, but covers in UN blue, high visibility for range work and white for use in the snow can also be found. One of the rarer types to find, however, is that in dark blue and was issued for use by Royal Navy personnel aboard ship, with a matching body armour cover:

This helmet cover can also be seen being used by war correspondents and non-combatants in land based theatres and its plain colour, but lack of camouflage makes it ideal for personnel in these roles.

The cover is entirely plain, with no loops for camouflage (which are obviously not needed for either of its intended roles). It secures with the usual draw string around its base, the helmet being slipped in and the cord pulled tight to ensure the helmet and cover remain securely together:

A standard label is sewn inside which merely describes the helmet cover as ‘dark blue’ without any indication of possible users:

Whilst the Mk 6 helmet has been replaced in front line service by successively the Mk 7 and the Virtus helmets, however it remains n service with second line units such as the Royal Navy and with civilian contractors so these covers remain in service to this day. Here sailors manning a GPMG can be seen wearing the helmet cover back in 2017:


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