Canadian Map Case

Canadian webbing production expanded beyond the basic set of load bearing equipment to include many other of the accessories used by the military such as wire cutter frogs, weapons spare parts wallets and signals accessories. One item that was produced by Canada was the map case, examples of which were made by Zephyr Loom and Textile. The  pattern used for Canadian production matched the ‘emergency’ pattern produced in Britain during the Second World War:

This case is missing its carrying strap, but is otherwise complete. The strap attached to a pair of brass buckles, these being finished in a green paint finish:

The rear of the map case has a Tufnol board, to which the cover is rivetted with five large brass rivets:

The cover is also secured to the rear with two press studs, protecting the contents when not actually being used.

Undoing these press studs allows the cover to be pulled back to access the map and contents of the case:

The pa is protected by a piece of heavy duty celluloid. This is held in place with a pair of swivelling metal spring clips. These are moved out to allow a map to be slipped under the celluloid, which acts both to protect a map and to draw on with chinagraph pencils:

These pencils are carried, together with a square protractor, in the loops on the underside of the top cover:

The case itself is marked on this top cover with the date, ZL&T Ltd’s initials, the /|\ within a ‘C’ acceptance mark of the Canadian Army and a date of 1946:

This was probably a wartime contract that could not be cancelled and so production continued into the following year; this particular map case seems unissued which would support that theory. There seem to be a number of these map cases that have turned up in the UK, all without their shoulder straps which suggests that they were issued as two separate items, to be put together in stores before issuing out and perhaps only a batch of the cases themselves, without their matching straps ever reached these shores!

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