SANDF Soldier, 2020 Pandemic Impression

This month’s impression is a very up to date one and depicts a South African National Defence Force soldier on the streets of Johannesburg during the pandemic of 2020. The SANDF were deployed onto the streets during the Covid pandemic alongside the local police forces from March 2020 to enforce lockdown amongst the people of South Africa. This was a controversial use of the military and provoked much online debate about the role of the military and its potential abuse of power including the deployment of water cannons on the streets. Regardless of the controversy, the mix of uniforms and equipment to be seen make for an interesting impression and today’s recreation is based on this photograph:

The soldier wears the Soldier 2000 camouflage uniform, consisting of trousers and shirt in the distinctive camouflage. The camouflage is also to be found on the helmet cover for his M87 helmet, a legacy from the SADF. The equipment is another leftover from the days of minority rule and consists of a nutria brown chest rig, a light weight and comfortable set of equipment for lengthy patrols in the heat of South Africa. A disposable surgical mask was universally worn by the soldiers on the streets and is the most distinctive feature of this period in history. Our soldier is armed with an R5 short assault rifle (actually a Galil SAR here, but close enough to stand in).

  1. SANDF Soldier 2000 Shirt
  2. Black leather hi-leg combat boots
  3. SANDF Soldier 2000 Trousers
  4. M87 Helmet with Soldier 2000 cover
  5. Disposable Surgical Face Mask
  6. R5 Assault Rifle
  7. Nutria Brown chest rig

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