Canadian REL Naval Binoculars

Some time ago we looked at a pair of small 6×30 binoculars produced in Canada by Research Enterprise Ltd here. Those small binoculars were for army use in the field, however a larger pattern was also produced aimed more for naval use and it is one of these we are looking at today:

This larger pair of binoculars has a 7×50 magnification and the exterior contours of the binoculars mirrors that of the smaller pair, with a more modern and rounded shape when compared to British made examples of the period:

A pair of adjustable eyepieces are fitted:

These have a scale marked on them so once adjusted to your eye relief you can note down the figures and then quickly get them readjusted back to your eyesight later if someone else has been using them:

The front lenses are secured in a nicely rounded front housing:

The binoculars are marked with the initials REL and a date of 1945:

Note also the loop braised to the rear to allow a cord to wear them round the neck to be fitted.

Whilst 50,000 pairs of the smaller binoculars were produced, only half as many of the larger pattern were produced with 25,000 pairs being manufactured over the length of the war. They were popular binoculars on the post war surplus market, with the price of a pair in this 1950s advert a stagger £28.10.0 (it is worth considering that I only paid £25 for them seventy years later!)

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