SANDF Trousers

I have slowly been building up enough South African National Defence Force uniform to allow me to put together a complete impression (which will appear on the blog in the coming months) and the last piece of the puzzle I needed was a pair of Soldier 2000 pattern trousers which I happily managed to pick up last year to complete the basic uniform:

Although the camouflage pattern had been under development with the SADF, it only saw widespread issue following the reforms to the South African military after 1994 and was an easy way for the new SANDF to distinguish itself from the SADF who had existed during the time of minority rule. The actual pattern of clothing was little changed, although the pattern of fabric was new. The trousers retain a button fly:

A draw cord is also fitted to the waist along with a set of belt loops:

Note also the dressing pocket on the hip, a design feature that can be traced all the way back to wartime British battledress! Cords are also fitted to the cuff of each trouser leg:

A large pocket is sewn to each thigh of the trousers:

And the knees are reinforced with a double thickness of fabric to prevent wear:

A label in the waist indicates that the trousers were made by Specifico:

Speicfico had been making clothing for the SADF since at least the 1970s and clearly continued after the regime change. They were based in Bophuthatswana, a tribal republic that existed in South Africa until the end of minority rule.

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