Shrike Spare Battery Case

Several years ago we looked at an example of a Shrike Exploder here, used to set off demolition circuits. These exploders run off batteries and in the field it is of course essential to have spare batteries in case of a sudden loss of power at a critical moment. The batteries used with the Shrike are a propriety type, only form use with this device, rather than a standard set of AAAs! This spare battery of course could not be left loose where the connectors could become damaged so a specialist pouch was issued to carry it in:

The battery was rectangular and only about 1/4″ deep, so the pouch is equally slender to hold it securely. The top of the flap is secured with a single press stud and details of the contents are heat printed on the front in white:

The contents for the pouch are marked under this top flap, again in white lettering:

This was one of those cheap little finds that I picked up without quite realising what it was, it was only later when I came to investigate something else that I realised what I had bought and it was then very nice to be able to pair it up with the matching Shrike unit.

One comment

  1. A useful piece of kit as long as it works and most of the time it does but anything that relies on batteries is bound to have a dead spare in the bag when the one in the firing set goes and if the electronics decide to go tits up as they are wont to do at the most inopportune moment then you can’t even light a fuze with it, assuming you brought some.
    I always preferred the good old ’10 cap blaster’ for electrical but non-electric was my personal choice when at all possible, double det and double fuze never failed me once, I kept at least two boxes of ‘match, fuzee’ in my kit along with the M60 fuze igniters when we started using those and since I smoked at the time, I always had something to light it with 🙂
    The complete EOD firing set kit of the 70/80’s 😉

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