Post War Australian 1908/37 Pattern Pack

Today we come to the last in our series on post war Australian militaria for a while by looking at an interesting 1908/37 pattern pack that was produced in the later 1970s. This pack was a low budget item, and the production quality is far inferior to those examples produced earlier int he century. The pack is made of a manmade fabric rather than cotton webbing, but is otherwise to the same pattern as that introduced back in 1908:

One of the most distinctive features of this pack is the contrasting colours between the main body which is in a light green, and the 1 inch strapping which is in a much darker shade of green:

The top flap is secured with two tabs, which each have brass tips riveted to them:

By contrast, the tabs on the back of the pack are just cut with angles corners and dipped in resin, rather then having proper brass tips:

The pack retains the two loops on the base to allow the supporting straps to be fitted:

The two weather flaps do not have the eyelets that were used on the cotton webbing version, so cannot be drawn in with a piece of string:

The underside of the flap has a large ink stamp with an NSN number, large /|\ mark, manufacturer and a date of 1979:

The pack is made of a very thin flimsy fabric and was clearly made to the cheapest possible price point. As far as I can determine, the pack was issued for training and possibly for cadet use as well rather than ever being used by front line troops, which might explain the cheap nature of the pack.

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