Petty Officer Sub Mariner’s PCS Shirt

Last year we looked at a Royal Navy PCS shirt here, today we are looking at another example, or to be more specific we are looking at the insignia on the shirt as this is what makes today’s example particularly interesting:

The shirt was previously used by a petty officer, as indicated by the rank slide (which came with this shirt and is original to it) worn on the chest:

This is also indicated by the crown on his trade badge on the sleeve:

The badge is for a Marine Engineer, Submariner; hence the letters MESM. The fact that this sailor served on submarines is also indicated by the embroidered dolphins worn on the chest above his name badge:

The other badges on the shirt are standard and consist of the title ‘Royal Navy’:

And the white ensign badge on the sleeve:

Here an MSEM petty officer on HMS Astute can be seen wearing this uniform whilst in harbour on a visit to Australia last year:

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