Op Force Camouflage Trousers

Today we come to the third and final piece of Op-Force camouflage I picked up last year; the combat trousers:

These are the same design as the MTP PCS trousers, but produced in the blue shade of DPM used for those troops portraying the enemy on exercise. Each leg of the trousers has a large cargo pocket:

And the cuffs of each leg have a drawstring that allows them to be drawn in and bloused over the boot:

A pair of slash pockets are fitted at the hips and the waist can be altered with a pair of button tabs on the hips:

A single patch pocket is sewn to the seat of the trousers:

As always there is a stores label sewn inside the trousers:

Again we turn to an excellent set of photographs published by the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment back in 2015 for some images of the uniform being worn during training at BATUS in Alberta Canada:

The OPFOR group at that stage were playing the part of the army of the NDF (Northern Democratic Republic) and the Regiment noted its men were “dressed in rather dashing blue ‘Enemy’ uniforms”. I now have the shirt, trousers and UBACS in this camouflage pattern. There are also shorts, a smock, helmet cover and a peaked combat cap to find in this pattern however the pattern is particularly rare so it might be some time before I find any more pieces.

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