Australian Warrant Officer’s Rank Slides

Over a year ago we started this journey looking at modern Australian Army kit. One of the first items we looked at back then was a set of Captain’s rank slides here. I am now drawing the series of Monday Australian related posts to a close and we will be reverting to odd posts here and there rather than a regular slot so it seems appropriate that one of the last pieces of post-war Australian kit we are looking at for the moment is another set of rank slides, this time for a Warrant Officer:

In the UK the rank slide of a warrant officer features the Royal Coat of Arms. In Australia, however, the heraldic device is the coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Australian, first adopted by the nation in this form in 1912:

The coat of arms is used by the Australian Government and its agencies as a formal symbol of it’s authority and so is an entirely appropriate device to be used on the warrant officer’s insignia. Here it can be seen being worn by one such Warrant Officer First Class:

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  1. The Australian Army used the Royal Coat of Arms (as per the British Army) until that badge was replaced by the Australian Coat of Arms in the early 1970’s. Hence the term so-and-so got his galloping horses referring to the earlier badge.

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