Plastic Royal Marine Collar Dogs

We have looked at a number of plastic cap badges on the blog over the years, however these were not the only items of insignia moulded in cellulose acetate. Rank insignia was to be produced in plastic and for the Royal Marines the collar dogs worn on each lapel and normally produced in blackened metal:

The colour chosen is a very dark blue. The design features the traditional globe surrounded by laurel leaves and the quality of the moulding is excellent, with the detail finely produced and no fuzziness to any of the points of the design:

The company of Alfred Stanley and Sons of Walsall were contracted to produce 50,000 badges on 18th June 1945 and the reverse of the badge has their maker’s name moulded on the reverse with a pair of brass tabs to allow them to be secured to the uniform:

The collar dogs were not used for very long and so many examples, like this pair, can be found in un-issued condition.

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