Australian Garrison Jacket

Today we are looking at an interesting and little seen item of Australian Army uniform that seems to have been dropped only in January of this year. The garrison jacket is a fleece lined jacket for wear by military personnel in non-formal settings. It is made of a weather resistant green fleece, with a centrally mounted rank slide and dropping to just below the waist:

The Australian Army’s dress regulations describe it thus:

3.94 The khaki brown Garrison jacket in Figure 3-23, is a medium weight jacket
with a zipper. The jacket is an optional item which may be purchased at the
members’ expense. The Garrison jacket is not to be worn with AMCU. This jacket
does not replace the Utility jacket. The Garrison jacket is not to be worn on unit
parades or any activity of a ceremonial nature. When worn the zipper of the jacket it
is to be zipped up as a minimum to a position equivalent to the top of the breast
pockets. The jacket is not to be worn as of 1 Jan 2022.
3.95 The Garrison jacket provides the wearer with protection from adverse
environmental elements for short periods of time. Some examples of when the jacket
may be worn are:
a. travel on public transport from home location to an office environment
b. travel within Australia using air transportation while on approved duty
c. from office environment to office environment within a garrison area, such as
a barracks or military area, ie Puckapunyal Military Area or Russell Offices

d. to buy and consume a meal at a local shop.
3.96 The Garrison jacket should be removed when the wearer has entered the
office environment; however, at the discretion of the commander or CO the jacket
may be worn in that environment should the heating be inadequate.
3.97 The Garrison jacket is embellished with the Australian Army Rising Sun
Badge. The khaki brown rank slide is to be worn. No other embellishments are to be
worn with the Garrison jacket. The Sam Browne Belt is not worn with the Garrison

The jacket has a rank slide mounted on the front:

This can be tucked inside a pocket directly behind it and zipped closed for security reasons if required:

An embroidered Australian Army badge is prominently displayed on the breast:

A pair of slash pockets are fitted at the hips:

Each cuff has a tab to draw it in:

A label inside indicated that this garment was made in China:

It is fair to say that this jacket was not universally popular:

Hideous and unpopular jacket and being being Chinese contract put even more of us off them. I never purchased one, though seen a few officers wearing them the odd occasion.

Another Australian explained:

They weren’t cheap either (although I suspect a lot of Clothing Stores discounted them when they went obsolete). Style wise, I think they came in just as the ‘bomber jacket’ style was going out. Additionally, I think it was just ‘uncool’ to wear an ‘army branded jacket’ with civvies!

One comment

  1. Interesting addition for concealing the rank badge for civvie wear.
    Once upon a time, we had the CANEX parka for optional wear and you wore a metal rank badge centered on the pocket flap.
    To make it disappear, you just tucked the pocket flap in.
    Quite possibly the noisiest nylon parka I’ve ever seen, and expensive. Godd thing it was optional purchase because I doub’t I’d have worn it even if it was issued, I much preferred the greatcoat but sadly that was done away with in favour of much lighter ‘gabardine’ for DEU, more of a civvy style topcoat and completely useless for anything except spring showers.
    The overwhelming opinion was that they wanted us to buy CANEX parkas or freeze in winter and at -40 there wasn’t a lot of choice.
    Luckily the Base Commander authorized arctic parkas for wear at the individual’s discretion, apparently he didn’t own stock in CANEX 🙂

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