Each of the services has its own version of a PTI’s (Physical Training Instructor) sports vest. Previously we have looked at an example from the Army, today we have another example, this time coming from the RAF:

Each service chooses to produce the vests with their own distinctive colour of edging to the collar and arm holes. The Royal Navy use dark blue, the army red and the RAF have a light powder blue:

The vest also has the RAF physical training badge worn on the centre of the chest, this is embroidered and features a pair of crossed swords with an RAF eagle superimposed on top and a crown surmounting everything:

The usual label is sewn into the garment:

As well as being worn with shorts or tracksuit bottoms, the vest can also be worn with combat trousers, as modeled here by a female RAF PTI:

This is now the second of the different PTI vests in my collection, already having owned an army example. I just need one from an RN ‘Clubs’ to finish the set now.

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