SANDF Soldier 2000 Helmet Cover

A few weeks ago we looked at the SADF nutria brown helmet cover for the M87 kevlar helmet. One of the advantages of using a cloth cover for a helmet is that it is relatively easy to update the outer pattern of the helmet to match new uniforms. In South Africa’s case, they adopted a new camouflage known as Soldier 2000 shortly after the return to black rule. The pattern had been developed by the previous administration, but it only saw widespread use after the change in government and is associated with the post-94 regime now. The helmet cover is made in the new camouflage pattern and unlike the earlier incarnation, no longer has the loops around it to add additional foliage:

The helmet cover is made up of three panels to fit the shape of the helmet better and has a drawstring around the circumference to allow it to be drawn in tightly to hold it in place:

The label inside the cover is a little more informative than on the earlier pattern and in this case indicates that the cover is a large size and was made in 1999. A contract number is also printed on it:

This helmet cover is still in everyday use by the South African National Defence Force and is seen here being worn by two soldiers patrolling a poor black township in the country:

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