1944 Pattern MT Driver’s Pouch

When the 1944 Pattern webbing set was introduced the 1937 Pattern Motor Transport driver’s pouch was still a relatively new addition. The pouch was designed for the use by drivers who were required to be sat down for long periods of time. Traditional pouches were uncomfortable when worn for extended periods whilst sat driving a vehicle, so the MT drivers pouch allowed a pouch to be worn on the belt and slipped round to the hip if required to make it more comfortable when driving. The pouch was in most respects identical to a left hand 1944 pattern basic pouch:

The side of the pouch was equipped with loops to allow a bayonet to be carried:

And the lid of the pouch was secured by a quick release tab:

On the rear however was a single belt loop that allowed it to be slipped onto the 1944 pattern belt and slid around to the side if required:

In reality, the 1944 pattern set was unsuited for use with this pouch. If the belt were worn with the braces and brace adaptors there was very little room to slide the pouch before it was stopped by the extra attachment points of the braces on the hips. In reality the MT drivers pouch was only really suitable for wear with a simple belt order rather than the full set of webbing. Despite this somewhat limited utility, production continued on the pouch for a number of years after the end of the war.

This particular MT drivers pouch was made by Finnegans, as witnessed by their stamp under the top flap:

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