SADF Nutria Brown Helmet Cover

Last month we looked at an example of the South African M87 helmet. Today we are looking at the accompanying nutria brown fabric cover for the helmet:

The nutria brown colour of the helmet cover matched the combat uniform in service at the time, but allowed the helmet to be easily updated if the pattern were to change, as indeed it would at the turn of the millennium. The cover itself is a simple cloth bag, with loops sewn around the middle of it to attach camouflage to:

A draw string is fitted around the bottom edge of the cover which allows it to be tightened securely to the helmet:

The only label inside is one denoting the size of the cover so it can be matched to the helmet, here we can see that the cover is a medium:

The sizing is perhaps not critical as the helmet I have it on here is a large and this, a medium cover, still fits over it reasonably well. Two versions of this helmet cover can be found, this example and another with a sun visor flap attached to the front. Here the alternative pattern of cover can be seen being worn by a soldier in the 1980s taking part in the Bush War:

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