Gas Pipe Pliers

There seems to be a specialist tool for every job, and due to the wide range of trades within the British Army, most of these tools can be found with British Army markings. Today we have an example of a pair of gas pipe pliers to consider. Gas pipe pliers were specially designed to work with circular cross section pipes and so have a distinctive rounded jaw:

In close up we can see that the interior edge of the jaws are serrated for better grip, and stamped on the pivot point is a /|\ mark, date of 1952 and a stores code:

The ends of each arm is ground to a flat point:

The distinctive jaw shape allows the maximum contact between the pliers and the pipe to ensure pressure is evenly distributed and the pipe isn’t deformed into an oval by only having pressure on parts of the exterior. Although being called ‘gas pipe’ pliers, these pliers were useful for any sort of piping that needed tightening and would be used on fuel pipes, small water pipes and in vehicle fitting.

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