East Yorkshire Regiment Cap Badge

In 1881 under the Childers Reforms, the 15th Regiment of Foot was renamed the ‘East Yorkshire’ Regiment. The newly renamed regiment adopted a cap badge in the form of an eight pointed star, with a central laurel wreath and a white metal rose of Yorkshire in the centre of the badge. A scroll was attached beneath the star with the regiment’s name on it:

As was typical of the time, the badge could be found with a pair of lugs to attach to a cap with a cotter pin, or a slider as in this case:

The design of the badge was one of those that would remain unaltered throughout the regiment’s lifetime, however variations can be found including a plastic version, a bronzed officer’s version and an economy version made entirely of brass without the white metal rose centre that was produced in World War One. The regiment was combined with the West Yorkshire Regiment in 1958 and the badge consigned to history.

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