Enfield No 2 Revolver

Last year we looked at an Albion produced example of the spurless No 2 revolver here. That revolver was in decidedly poor shape and I am delighted to be able to bring you a far nicer example of the standard revolver today courtesy of my old friend Andy Dixon. This example of the revolver has the conventional hammer spur we would expect to allow the hammer to manually cocked and single action firing:

Otherwise the revolver is very similar to the previous model, albeit in much nicer condition:

The frame markings indicate that this revolver was produced by Enfield in 1939 and that it is the Mk I pattern:

The Mk I marking here was used from 1927 until 1939 by Enfield and this would have been one of the last of the batch. It has the wooden walnut grips used until 1940 when they were replaced with moulded plastic grips seen on the other example. The pistol is the same .380 calibre as other British revolvers of the era and would remain in service with the British Army until as late as 1957 and in police service overseas much later than that. Both the Mk I shown here and the Mk I** were used alongside each other and pretty much interchangeably with the Webley .380 and Victory .380 models as well, creating some interesting logistics problems for armourers of the period!

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