Canadian Coast Guard Jacket

The Canadian Coast Guard is a civilian government agency of Canada that was set up in 1962. The Canadian Coast Guard fulfills many of the same roles as its counterparts in other countries including search and rescue, managing communications and navigation in Canada’s waters, ice breaking and ensuring the seas around Canada do not become polluted. The Canadian Coast Guard has 119 vessels and 22 helicopters at its disposal and a manpower strength of 4500 men and women. The Canadian Coast Guard issues its personnel with a variety of uniforms and today we are looking at an example of a dark blue working dress jacket:

The jacket was usually worn over a light blue shirt, with a dark blue tie and similar uniform can still be seen as a working dress today, albeit in a fleece rather than jacket.

The jacket itself has a pair of pleated pockets on each breast:

A simple zip is fitted to the front to secure the jacket up to the neck if required:

The Canadian Coast Guard uses a military type rank structure and rank is worn on shoulder slides so buttoned epaulettes are fitted to allow these to be worn:

A large, but simply constructed interior pocket is sewn into the jacket:

Each sleeve displays a large gold badge indicating the wearer works for the Coast Guard, with the words in both English and French reflecting the bilingual nature of Canada:

I suspect that this jacket dates from the 1980s or 1990s, however no date is printed on the interior label:

I suspect that this pattern of jacket has been dropped now, certainly the cut and design seems rather dated and I can find no recent pictures of it in service so this seems likely.

One comment

  1. Except for the shoulder flashes, pleated pockets and what appears to be elastic at the back; it looks quite similar to the old ‘work dress’ jacket the Military was saddled with in an attempt to make everyone in all branches look the same…awful.
    At least the Coast Guard got blue ones 😉

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