Royal Navy PCS Shirt

The Royal Navy’s PCS uniform replaced the venerable Action Working Dress back in 2015 to 2016. Previously we have looked at one of the early production uniforms that differed from both the trials garments and the final pattern that is most commonly seen. Today, however, we are going to look at the standard shirt as issued and worn by Royal Naval personnel up to the present day:

The shirt is made of a dark blue fire resistant fabric and is zipped up the front, with a Vecroed fly then covering the zip to prevent it catching:

A rank slide is mounted to the centre of the shirt, and a pair of velcroed pockets are fitted to either side:

The cuffs of the shirt secure with a tab and a button:

The neck of the shirt can be worn open, as on the mannequin above, or secured with a velcroed tab to protect the neck:

Normally two embroidered patches are worn above the pockets, one with the wearer’s name on and another with the word ‘Royal Navy’. These are missing from this example, however the white ensign on the sleeve is still attached:

A label inside indicated that the shirt is fire resistant and specifically for the Royal Navy:

Ironically, this pattern of uniform is already being replaced with a new cut and improvements as outlined in this diagram:

With this new pattern rolling out over the next couple of years, the older version of PCS should start becoming a little easier to find on the collector’s market and there will be another variation for collectors to hunt down…all good fun!

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