37 Pattern MT Pouch

As use of the 1937 Pattern webbing became wider, it became clear that there was a need for a new pouch for those involved in driving vehicles. Originally it had been envisaged that they could be issued with cartridge carriers to hold rounds of rifle ammunition. However experience showed that the cartridge carriers did not offer the flexibility a driver required as they only allowed rifle ammunition to be carried and couldn’t hold a Mills Bomb or magazines for a Sten Gun if the driver were issued one of those. Basic pouches allowed a more varied ammunition load, but brought their own problems as they were uncomfortable to wear when sat down for long periods and interfered with a driver’s movements. The MT Driver’s pouch was introduced during the Second World War and consisted of a basic pouch that from the front looks just like a standard basic pouch:

Turning to the rear, however, we can see that the c-hooks have been replaced with a simple 2” wide belt loop fastened high on the reverse of the pouch:

This allowed it to be worn on the belt on either hip as preferred and allowed a mixed load of ammunition to be carried, only one pouch was issued per driver. The design was only released with a brass press-stud fastening and was not updated to the QR fasteners. One interesting feature of the pouch is the lack of a drainage hole in the base of the pouch, despite the standard basic pouches having acquired one by 1944:

The inside of the pouch is stamped up with the date, 1944 and the maker’s initials AC for Associated Cutters:

By 1944 the rules for drivers had been updated to instruct any going overseas to be issued with the MT pouches rather than the cartridge carriers which were henceforth to be restricted for home service only.

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