Women’s Royal Navy Tropical Class II Jumper

Female ratings have been dressed in square rig for parade duties since the WRENs were absorbed into the main Royal Navy in 1997. The female version is identical in overall form to the male version of the uniform, but is cut to fit the female figure and offers variations in fit for different waist and bust sizes that are not catered for with male uniform. Those ratings serving in tropical climates are issued with a white parade version of the uniform and it is a women’s version of the white Class II jumper we are looking at today:

The white jumper has a central zip fastening that runs from the waist to the neck and a small loop is provided at the top to allow the silk and lanyard to be secured to the jumper, the collar being an integral part of this garment:

The collar is coloured dark blue and has the traditional three white stripes to edge it:

The cuffs and waist are trimmed with dark blue tape:

This jumper belonged to an AB rate so the only badge on the sleeve is for her trade, here for an Air Engineering Mechanic, the ‘*’ above indicating that she is a trained rate:

The label sewn in the back of the uniform shows that it is for female ratings:

The jumper is worn with the white front shirt, matching Class II trousers, cap and in fine weather white shoes. If the weather is set to be inclement then the white shoes may be replaced with black. Here a female leading hand can be seen at a Remembrance Day parade at the Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean:

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