Australian Army Field Service Cap

Although the field service, or side, cap had been introduced into Imperial Service in the late Victorian era it was never very popular with the Australian Army and are rarely seen being worn with the iconic bush hat being much preferred by the average Digger. Having said that, they were produced during the Second World War and one assumes worn at least during the training phase of a new recruit’s journey. Today we are looking at an unissued example of an Australian produced Field Service Cap:

The cap is identical to British examples, however the cap has a slightly more greenish hue to the fabric. The front of the cap features a pair of bronzed buttons, each with the outline of Australia with a crown above it:

The interior of the cap is lined with khaki cotton drill. The sizing and maker’s mark is stamped inside in purple ink, together with a date of 1942:

Also included is a white label with space to write the owner’s name and number on it:

These seem to be quite a common feature on wartime Australian equipment as they show up on battledress, puttees etc.

Most of the field service caps found today are, like this one, unissued and together with the ubiquity of slouch hats in period photographs this suggests that these were never a popular or widely used item of headgear.

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