NBC No1 Mk 2 Trousers

Following last week’s post where we looked at the NBC No1 Mk2 smock, today we are looking at the accompanying trousers. The two parts of the NBC suit replaced the older three piece suit which had featured a separate hood. The suit was then completed by overboots, gloves and of course an S6 respirator. The trousers were issued in the same sealed plastic packets as the smock:

The same card labels are included inside the packaging, here indicating that they were made in 1976, again the last year of manufacture for the Mk2 set:

Once the soldier had pulled the trousers out of the packet and unpacked them, he was left with a green and grey pair of charcoal lined trousers:

The trousers were held up by a pair of simple tape braces:

The braces went over the shoulders and were passed through a pair of loops and were then tied off to hold them up securely:

Note also the cloth tab and velcro to help secure the waist. Cloth tabs and velcro is set at an angle on each trouser leg to allow the trouser legs to be drawn in and make a gas proof seal at the bottom of the legs:

The trousers have a white label sewn into the back of the trousers with sizing and dates:

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