Australian Army Clipboards

There are many instances in the field, and in barracks, where an officer or NCO needs to be able to write messages or take notes. He needs somewhere firm to write, a way of keeping his papers dry if the heavens were to suddenly open and somewhere to securely keep blank forms, a pen etc. To fulfil this need the Australian Army issues clipboards in a couple of different sizes, each clearly marked as being military property:

Both are made in dark green, with a /|\ mark and store’s code printed on the front. The smaller is approximately A5 size:

Inside the clip board has two leaves, with a sturdy spring clip to hold papers and a set of clear sleeves to hold items and a small channel to place a pen:

The other clip board is larger, being A4 in size:

This example opens out into three leaves, again with the clips for paper and pockets to keep items in:

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