Australian Army Waterproof Toiletries Bag

This week’s Australian Army post is a waterproof bag that was designed to be used to keep a man’s toiletries in when in the field. Keeping clean and hygienic is important at the best of times, but in the jungles of South East Asia became even more so where jungle sores and disease were rife. The bags came out in the 1960s and featured and internal divider that allowed dry and wet items to be kept seperate. The stores catalogue described the bag as “66-012-4876 Bag, Toilet Accessories, nylon, green”. The bag itself is, therefore, made of dark green nylon:

A simple drawstring is fitted to the top to allow it to be pulled in to protect the contents:

It is stamped on the front with the initials of the manufacturer, a /|\ property mark and the words ‘Made in Australia’:

This is the mark of the Australian Government Clothing Factory who produced a range of Australian Military kit over the years. The factory dates all the way back to 1912 and a potted timeline of the factory shows it has had a convoluted history:

1912 – The Federal Government of Australia establishes the Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory in Bank Street, South Melbourne. Core business is the manufacture and supply of uniforms and clothing products for Department of Defence and Post Master General.

1971 – The company moves to a purpose-built plant in Coburg, Victoria.

1988- Management transfers from federal government control to become the Clothing Division of Australian Defence Industries (ADI). Core business continues to be the manufacture and supply of combat and ceremonial uniforms.

1989 – ADI Clothing Division diversifies manufacturing across 3 plants: Coburg and Bendigo in Victoria, and Leichhardt in New South Wales.

1992 – Manufacturing operations consolidate to the Bendigo plant.

1995 – ADI Clothing Division is privatised, becoming Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd.

2011 – Australian Defence Apparel purchased by Parsons Logistik Pty Ltd

One comment

  1. I wonder if that’s the same ‘Logistik’ Corp that handles uniforms for Federal and other departments here ? including the Military.
    Quality is spotty at best, I’ve gotten shirts with one shoulder badge on sideways or one arm much longer than the other.
    The standing joke was that if you wanted a pair of pants that fit, you ordered three
    One would be way too big, the second way too small, but the third would likely fit..sort of.
    There was a good trade in uniform parts because sending them back was a nuisance with no gurantee you wouldn’t get the exact same item returned as a ‘replacement’.
    People put hidden marks inside them before returning and they were there on the ‘new’ item.
    The old Supply system with real Supply Techs handling issue and exchange from physical stocks on hand worked much better but we can’t have that, not when there’s a profit to be made.

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