Indian 25th Anniversary of Independence Medal

In 1972 India celebrated 25 years since they had been granted independence and to mark this occasion a special medal was minted and presented to members of the armed forces. It was made of cupro-nickel and was circular in shape, hanging from a ribbon that was predominantly blood red with three stripes in the national colours down the centre:

The obverse has the national emblem of three lions, with the words ’25th Independence Anniversay Medal’ in both English and Hindi:

The reverse has Ashoka’s Chakra with the dates 1947 and 1972:

The medals were not usually issued named, but many soldiers or their units ensured that their details were stamped into the edge of the medals. In this case the medal was awarded to a Naik M Singh of the Indian Electric and Mechanical Engineers. The stamping is crude, but readable:

The medal was widely issued and the Indian Army’s guidance gave details of who was entitled to receive one:

Awarded to the personnel of the following forces who were borne on the effective strength on the 15 Aug 72 : –
(a) All ranks of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, of any other Reserve Force, Territorial Army, J&K Militia and any other armed forces of the Union;

(b) All ranks of the Railway Protection Force, Police Forces, Home Guards, Civil Defence Organisation, Fire Service, Jail Staff, Central Industrial Security Force, Technical Staff of the Intelligence Bureau, Calcutta Special Police Force and Dte Gen Security- SSB, ARC,SSF and any other organization specified by Government. 

One comment

  1. Unlike the various Queen’s ‘Jubilee’ medals here which were handed out to the politically favoured or most senior ranks only, long serving members not in those groups were passed over

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